How to secure your WordPress site from hackers?

//How to secure your WordPress site from hackers?

How to secure your WordPress site from hackers?


There are enormous sites that are powered by WordPress as it is the world’s most popular content management system that is driving a vast percentage of the total websites running in the world. This is also affecting the system in other ways where the hackers are also creating the troubles for the site owners and the web masters by hacking their WordPress sites. There are several aspects of security and management that can be quite useful in saving your site from the hackers. In this article we will discuss on the five important points that must be kept in mind to avoid any sort of hassle occurring due to hacking and other such complications.

  1. Updating the WordPress Version: This is the first step in saving your WordPress site from any grave consequences of hacking. This is a critical step for everyone whose site is either safe or being hacked. The updates are the security patches that are developed after intensive research and development by the WordPress team to rule out the possibilities of hacking on the sites. This is an extremely important step to keep the site secure from any sort of security threats. The updated versions are always hard for the hacker to crack with.
  2. Check for Security Threat: This is the second step that is critical for maintaining the security of the site. It is essential to understand that if your site is hacked or not. The studies carried on the hacking related sites reveal that majority of the sites are having the files that are kept on them by the hackers and they don’t have any idea about those files. These files must be removed as well as the security threats need to be resolved. You must get your site checked for any incidence of hacking to rule out any such possibility as well as keep the site secure.
  3. Update your admin user login name regularly: The default name for WordPress Login “admin” is quite susceptible for the hackers attack and the other possible security compromise. This shall be updated on regular basis as well as the latest measures of one time password via cell phone also reduces the chances of hacking from the user name. The latest stable release has made it simple for the users to safeguard the site from any issues related to hacking through the user name and password entry.
  4. Keep your theme updated: If your theme is not update from time to time it may be a vulnerable point for attack by the hackers. You must keep them updated and all the plugins updated as required. The ensures the safety of your site.
  5. Keep check on the file permissions: This is the area from where the hackers can create troubles for you. If you are keeping the index file that has the permission that anyone can update it from any part of the world then you are at high risk. Therefore all the config files shall be kept with restricted permissions.
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