Why PHP Scores Higher than Other Web Development Languages?

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Why PHP Scores Higher than Other Web Development Languages?

Did you know that PHP is the most popular server side scripting language that is used for developing websites? With improved security and affordable costs, PHP has become the top language to create a business website since 5 years.

Read here top reasons and clear all your doubts on high scoring of PHP than any other programming language –

  • PHP Is Free to Develop Website – PHP is an open source language. It is free and easy to use for developing websites. It has a plenty of documentation available that eases the way to create robust website and take over online space without any kind of legal obligations and fee of subscription.


  • PHP Works with Content Management System – PHP has capability to work well with different types of content management systems and produce a unique product per the requirement. All PHP based websites are 100% customizable and can be made to meet the demands of the customers with an ease due to the reason that CMS, such as, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla too are principally based on PHP.


  • PHP Accepts Platform Diversity – A code generated in PHP can run on different platforms, which allows the developer or designer to flawlessly integrate professional websites across several platforms. This consents the business in a cost-effective manner.


  • PHP is Flexible and Scalable – Facebook, which is the biggest and highly powerful social networking site, is developed in PHP. This shows the higher level of flexibility, stoutness, and scalability available in PHP language. On comparison to other programming languages, PHP’s main benefit is that the code of a website can be updated without any need of server reboot.


  • PHP is backed by a Vast Community – This is a consequence of PHP being open source language that is a great community support of website designers as well as developers. The language itself has a vast and growing community of developers and professional experts to support beginners and involved in uninterruptedly addressing the newest problems faced by the community.


  • Many Extensions and Add-ons are Available – PHP is one of the best accessible languages for website development. Being an open-source programming language, the squad of website developers is constantly involved in building extension to meet the emerging needs of the industries. This enables web developers and top businesses to effortlessly grow and add newer functionalities and features to their website with ease.


  • Embed-ability – The cutting-edge trend in adaptive content has given rise to responsive website and also, fluid grid systems to many businesses. In this perspective, HTML5 is an obvious industry standard to build highly dynamic and responsive websites. PHP allows its code to be straightforwardly embedded into HTML.

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