What are the differences between WordPress Programming and WordPress Development

//What are the differences between WordPress Programming and WordPress Development

What are the differences between WordPress Programming and WordPress Development

This is one of the most difficult questions for the webmasters that are new to the web development works and don’t have sufficient knowledge about the same. They are easily confused about posting their project on the freelance websites to choose the category from WordPress programming or WordPress development.

This not only results in wrong placement of the project but also lead to selection of the improper candidate for the works. It is quite important for the webmaster to understand the differences between the WordPress programming and WordPress Development. It is very important to get the desired results from your efforts in making an effective web presence.

To figure out the difference between these two you have to understand the basics of WordPress that will help in understanding the differences of WordPress programming and development. WordPress is the CMS that is built on the php language and uses the SQL Datebase systems in its core for building the sites. In WordPress the whole site is prepared in the different code pieces that are known as widgets for designing the websites.

The user can easily create the site by choosing the theme and customizing the widgets and content as per requirements. This helps in getting the site completed within a few minutes even without knowing the coding or other development works. Now we are familiar with the working of the WordPress sites so we may start to find the difference among these two aspects of development

WordPress Programming:

  1. This is core development work that is carried out on the php language and requires intermediate to advanced level coding language php skills. All the programming into WordPress is carried in the php editor and related to the coding of the different widgets and other aspects of WordPress.
  2. WordPress programming knowledge is not required for carrying out the simple WordPress installation and website publishing tasks. This can be easily done without even the knowledge of php. All that you want to know is about the concept of WordPress for making the blog or website.

WordPress Development:

  1. This is more about implantation of the WordPress CMS and relates with the publishing of the websites. The WordPress developers are the professionals that help you in choosing the appropriate themes for your site as per the requirement and customize it as per your requirements. These people may even work with a little knowledge of php and programming that is required for connecting the plug-ins or databases. The majority of the freelance WordPress developer is falling in this category. They are completing the installation and customizing of the themes for the clients.
  2. WordPress Development is largely about creating the sites from the available widgets with little programming while the programmers are even involved in the development of the themes.

It is quite important for the users to understand these differences for choosing the right professional for carrying out their projects. It will also help in getting the services within their budget.

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