Tips on Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

//Tips on Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

Tips on Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

There are approx 30% of the websites in the world that are powered on the CMS based platform WordPress. This is one of the platforms that are hosting almost every category of website across the globe. There are many reasons behind this skyrocketing popularity of the WordPress platform. First of all the simplicity in development and managing the site makes it a preferred choice for the webmasters across the world. In this article we will focus on the important aspect of WordPress development that is converting the design in to workable WordPress theme. There are a lot of hacks that must be kept in mind before you move on to convert a PSD into WordPress theme.

Though the conversion of the PSD to WordPress is simple and even non technical person can do that but it requires a sequential understanding of the concept of conversion. The below steps will help you in understanding the basic of the same and the required skills that are needed to create your own WordPress Theme from PSD.

You must know to slice PSD in desirable format

This is quite important as if you are unable to slice the PSD into executable parts then it will be quite difficult for you to develop the perfect HTML and CSS for the site.  It is a must for you to have sufficient knowledge about slicing the PSD so it can be converted into executable HTML. The borders the images and the styles shall be cut in perfect manner as a slight mistake can ruin all your efforts.

You must have knowledge of HTML Coding

This is a crucial part in converting the PSD to WordPress theme. If you don’t know how to create HTML from the PSD you can easily find the tutorials from the internet and the leading sites like as the W3Schools will be quite helpful in learning the same. Creating the HTML is quite easy and may help you in developing the index page in an appropriate manner.


You must know to write the CSS

Along with the HTML creation you shall understand the properties of CSS. It is also required that you are conversant with writing the CSS styles. This can also be learnt from the W3Schools and other similar site. This is the important factor in managing the style of the theme and plays an important role in conversion of the PSD to WordPress theme.

You must know to write word press code from the index html

Once your Index HTML and CSS is ready you can easily move on the actual process of converting the theme to WordPress. This is about breaking the codes into manageable pieces so that the WordPress oriented header footer and other details are created. It is necessary that you have some basic knowledge of coding to carry out on this process.

You must know to add the WordPress Tags and functionalities

This is the last process in the conversion of PSD to WordPress theme. Here you are adding the functionalities and the dynamic contents related codes to the theme.

This way it is required to have understanding on these points for learning the conversion of PSD to WordPress theme.

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