Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress for Website Development

//Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress for Website Development

Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress for Website Development

WordPress was just a blogging platform when incepted in the year 2003. Now, it has become the largest content management system and a platform to develop professional websites in it. WordPress has powered almost 57% of the total website share and established itself as a leader in IT industry for WordPress development.

When it comes to choose a platform for unique website development, WordPress is highly recommended. There are various pros of choosing WordPress for developing websites. Read below major pros of WordPress for website development –

Pros of choosing WordPress –

  • User-Friendly Content Management System – WordPress is a robust content management system and easy to navigate with the help of pages and content on a website.
  • Availability of Numerous Plugins – There are more than 60,000 of WordPress plugins. Most of these WordPress are free and some are paid. With the help of WordPress plugins, the functionality of a website can be customized and improved to a great extent.
  • WordPress is 99% SEO Friendly – In 2019, search engine optimization plays a vital role to make any website visible on Google like search engines. SEO plugins are available to optimize contents, add meta tags, focus on keywords etc. on a website make it SEO-friendly.
  • Responsive Design Due to 1000s of Themes – This CMS has thousands of paid and free themes are available. All these themes are reliable to make website design and development responsive. With WordPress, a mobile-friendly website can be created with amazing UI and UX.
  • Open Source Platform – WordPress is an open-source software that allows WordPress programmers to openly share the website code online. The option of sharing of existing code can result in the capability to save a plenty of time and costs in web app designing and development.

On the contrary, WordPress is not always the best fit for all the aspects. It has some negative sides too.

Cons of Choosing WordPress –

  • Website Update As Per Version Upgrade – Installing website updates is significant for running any WordPress site with high performance. Premium WordPress themes and plugins are oftentimes updated and improved. Such updates may bring small issues to a website.
  • Vulnerability – Since an open-source platform, WordPress is striking to all the potential hackers. To mitigate the risk of hacking, it is always better to prefer themes and plugins for a WordPress site.
  • Speed – Most of the themes contain irrelevant generic code, which in turn, it decreases the website speed. It causes slow page loading time and high load on website.

With all these factors including pros and cons to be considered while choosing WordPress for development of a business website, it is always recommended to consult an expert WordPress developer.

Among a good number of experts in WordPress development, Suyash Parnerkar is a remote WordPress developer who offers the top-class WordPress developement services to clients of USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all around the world. He has good skills to maintain the balance of the technical and non-technical needs of working on a particular project.

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