Cost to design a website ?

//Cost to design a website ?

Cost to design a website ?

Costs could range from a few hundred US $ per year on up.
front_imageOnce a site has been created your annual costs include:

1) Domain registration. Prices vary but this is cheap – less than $15 per year.

2) Web hosting. What you choose depends on your needs and if you are self-hosting or using a hosted service like SquareSpace. A self-hosted WordPress Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS site would likely be a good fit for this type of site.

For an actor one of the issues to consider would be traffic. A popular high profile actor like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt would need dedicated hosting to handle the huge volume of fans that might visit the page each day. A low profile working actor could get by with shared hosting.

Excluding the super cheap hosts you will still pay less than $200 per year for a shared hosting plan. This will be suitable for many people.

The next level up is Virtual private server (VPS) hosting which gives you more control over the server. Hosts offer different tiers of service so depending on your needs it could range anywhere from $300 – $1500 a year.

The level above that is dedicated hosting. This could be $1800 per year and up.

Average Costs of Creating a Website at Different Levels:

Simple with functionality (Expect to pay $150 – $500) – This type of website’s goal is to inform your browsers, so it mostly just displays information about your biz, products/services. It will usually include a basic functioning Contact Us form.

Basic/Medium functionality (Expect to pay $500 – $2000) – Includes general informative pages plus a function to process or calculate something and perhaps show/email results to your browsers.  Shopping carts, product galleries, blogs and news websites are now easy to set up using redesigned modules/templates although have reasonably complicated functionality.

Medium/Complex functionality (Expect to pay $2000, $10,000) – Perhaps you need to your site to process consumer input, calculate something, process something and return analytic results (technically this is moving into the realm of web applications).

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